Thursday, September 17, 2009

magnificent macaroni

Sometimes it's the littlest things that make the biggest impact. By little, I mean... well, my almost 4 year old son who carted this home from pre-school yesterday. Of course I'm biased because, well I think just about anything he touches turns to gold... but today it serves many purposes. Proudly posted on my inspo-board, this magnificent macaroni art is the little push that I needed to launch me into an inspired design frenzy. For me, this is the type of eye-candy that fuels raging obsessions with bold color and playful graphics... the corner stone of my design aesthetic. Thank you, Laird - you've made mommy's week!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lil's Donutery

What could possibly be better than a donut? Answer : a cool donut! Here is the logo design for Lil's Donutery, an artisanal donut shop concept that hired yours truly to brand them from head to toe. Family owned and conceptualized, they specialize in haute flavor combinations using only organic and local ingredients. With varieties ranging from cuban coffee with sweet creme drizzle to brown sugar oatmeal, and meyer lemon marmalade filled they are bound to wow and woo. Let's hope these donuteurs don't take much longer... not sure I can hold out!

Magnificent + Meaty

I absolutely LOVE this Meaty Packaging by Chris Chapman! It's so simply put but absolutely BRILLIANT! The very best part is that it's earth friendly too - totally biodegradable and treated with a starchy substance that stops any disagreeable dampness [aka: meaty moistness] to cramp it's style! Pure genius!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sky Blue Events

It is with sublime pleasure that I add Sky Blue Events to the ever growing Kelley Lilien Design Portfolio! Jennifer Grove of Sky Blue Events contacted yours truly in pursuit of branding for her new business : Sky Blue Events specializing in soiree styling + event design in Baltimore Maryland. With a Fashion and PR background she wanted something fierce yet dapper to parallel her fresh new company's characteristics. This neat and tidy logo is primped in 'sky blue' blue and trimmed in preppy grass green - the perfect mix of modern and chic. There will be more to share as Kelley Lilien Design continues to turn out more tasty morsels as the Sky Blue Events branding operation continues...